“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.”

-Henry Ward Beecher




As soon as I finished last week’s post, I began to live as I have never lived before. Feeling congruent within myself, I was excited to test my new found voice in the outside world…I felt ready to move beyond the transformative walls of my hermetically sealed cottage. In ancient times, alchemical transformations were believed to occur in the presence of three elements; the material body, the soul and the spirit. These are symbolized by the square, the circle and the triangle…the Hermetic Seal. I removed myself from old habits and familiar surroundings and went into seclusion. Living as a hermit, allowed me time to realign my material self with my soul, allowing the transformative power of a spiritual awakening to occur.

In 2004, I knew I needed a ‘room of my own’, a physical space, that would one day transform into a psychic space, separate from my husband, children and friends. A room in our Alberta home did not give me sufficient distance from my habitual dependence on those around me. Drawn by forces stronger than my fear, I scoured the coast of British Columbia searching for a place that touched my soul. 1000 km and a small cottage by the sea were the eventual solution. In my first burst of defining my boundaries, I called this lovely abode, Kathy’s Cabin. I proudly displayed a defining kitchen magnet and I bought a very feminine purple couch. For me, all bold steps. I was used to acquiescing on everything from restaurant choices to television shows. 

Marking Boundaries

Marking Boundaries

In the past I had been an industrious, methodical and earnest worker. I was accomplished, but everything I achieved missed the song of my soul. I would have regretted my very life, if I had never found my way through the labyrinth of my psyche, to reveal the spirit at my core. Above all else I wanted to feel congruence between my heart’s desire and  and my day to day endeavours. At times I felt drawn into this deeper, soulful life, at others I was dragged…against my will, but for my own good. 




I would love to live

like a river flows,

carried by the surprise

of its own unfolding.

~John O’Donohue

Surprises of the Week

The Spitters or The Deep Bay Babes

Early this week, when I was in my front garden, a group of ladies with dogs walked by. After a chatty exchange about my monkey tree, they invited me to join them on their daily walk through the forest minutes from the sand spit on which we all live. For 7 years I have wanted just such a group but never felt confident to form one, and then, just as I was ready to join the world, the group appeared…smart women walking, otherwise known as The Spitters or The Deep Bay Babes!

Sun Bow or Sun Halo

On June 4th, I saw for the first time in my life, a ring of colour around the mid – day sun. The sun bow or whirling rainbow is considered to be a sign from the Unified Field/ Creator, marking a time of great change or transformation. This full-circle rainbow around the Sun, some elders say, can be understood as a signal, entreating us to live in harmony with all plants, animals, water, minerals, fire, wind and each other. Filming such a phenomenal event with my iPhone, made me chuckle, but it captured what looked like the eye of a power beyond all power. It is the perfection and protection of this power that has given me faith to sing my song to the world. 


 One day into my sojourn to Victoria, feeling as delighted as a newly awakened Songbird, I was shocked into a state of alarm. It was a lovely sunny morning. I was enjoying breakfast at my friend Suzanne’s. We were sharing our latest stories while re-establishing a healthy caffeine to blood ratio. Our bliss was interrupted by the crunch of a Songbird against the picture window. Slightly dazed, the Songbird flew to the fence to collect herself. From the deck, Suzanne and I clucked out reassuring sounds to the beautiful, tiny bird. 

But within seconds a huge, black menace swooped down and grabbed the Songbird by the throat, ensuring it would never sing again. Appalled, I felt an immediate affinity towards this Songbird’s plight. I thought, this is a cautionary tale, Between2Marys…guard against the black menace within yourself and others, when you venture into the world. Protect your newly established voice against any swooping crow.